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Dave Edwards PNZLCA, NZEI
Zealand Qualified Accredited Life Coach

specialising in:
Personal Life and Buiness Coaching

Two Worlds Coaching

Cognitive Behaviour Coaching

Universal Law of Attraction

Dave a Professional Life Coach, Motivator, Program Facilitator.
His quest - to provide quality opportunities for people to become self empowered
and transform their lives into a future of desired outcomes.

Dave's profile.

From a very early age and through all Dave's life, he has had a desire to help people.
This helping manifested through many of Dave's areas of experience.
At the early age of Ten, Dave joined the St John's Ambulance Brigade and served for many years as a first aid supporter at many sporting events. He later joined the Professional Ambulance Service, becoming a St John Intermediate Paramedic.

How does Coach Dave work?

Dave's coaching has an honest style, straight up and to the point. Dave asks the tough questions and keeps you on task. He has a keen, sensitive attitude towards an open honesty from clients. He expects clients to speak their truth. Dave has a very spontaneous, supportive and genuine desire to give of his best at all times when coaching. Dave is gifted with a very fine tuned intuitive nature, which helps delve into the essence of concerns, with positive direct questioning. The range of communication skills at Dave's finger tips is varied and constantly growing. Dave is always willing to share and facilitate this knowledge to others with a range of courses and educational events. Empowering clients by improving their skills is an ethical goal of Life Coaching. Dave's task during coaching sessions is to maintain a challenging atmosphere for clients so that their created vision for their future is realised. Dave has been successful at all that he has done, this reflects in his effort and approach to Life Coaching.

At all times the client and the Life Coach are Co-Creating and therefore embrace change at every step of their journey. Every client comes with a varied range of personal knowledge, life skills and personal resources. These resources, skills and knowledge are acknowledged first and foremost, then enhanced with empowering new knowledge gained from the Life Coaching sessions. All clients succeed at their own level and time frames by taking personal responsibility for their decisions.

What does Dave do when he is not Life Coaching?

Dave's latest joy is working on his small property, developing this into a sustainable manageable organic food production unit. Being involved in the community as a helper at many functions and on several committees. Pleasurable pastimes are walking in the bush, growing weeds and looking after the animals on the property. He enjoys playing classical guitar and having a good old fashion sing-a-long by a large open fire on a full moon lit evening.

Dave's professional background.

Dave graduated  in 2006, with a Diploma of Life Coaching NZQA level 6 , from The Leading Edge Foundation.
This New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) qualification, first of its kind in NZ, is an intense 1200 hr program that has enhanced and prepared Dave with an amalgamated vast array of modern coaching techniques, into a succinct cohesive modality for Life Coaching.

Dave has come to Personal Life Coaching with a Teaching Diploma and 12 years of teaching experience with children, teenagers and adults. During this time Dave has encompassed many difficult situations with people's problems in learning and worked very closely with educational agencies to develop and execute learning modalities for the learner.

Dave is a proficient program writer and developer in education and in the sustainable agriculture areas. Teaching in Polytechnics and as a Continuing Education Tutor for 10 years Dave has acquired many unique delivery skills. He specialises in fields of; life skills, stress management, horticulture, plant production, organic food production, and sustainable land management. He teaches many aspects of organic growing principles like; composting, worm production, bee management, soil management. In addition Dave covers the principles of; Permaculture, Biodynamics and the No Till farming methods in depth on many of his night classes and specialised workshops.

Dave draws on his strong background of leadership, management, product development and customer support, from his previous varied professional experiences.

It is with great pleasure that Dave has shared this resource with you.
Make a choice and change your direction, step by step.

Contact Dave for a no obligation free first contact.

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